The Kennel Name/Affix Rhinostar was inspired through similarities we saw in the rhino and the bulldog itself.  The features that you are drawn to when looking at the rhinoceros; are the very same features you critic when appreciating and judging a bulldog.


For example the rhinoceros body shape consists of a large barrel like rib cage, a large head, short neck, broad chest and slightly narrower hind legs. The rhinoceros looks impressive, almost formidable, with its large head and bulky, heavy armour-clad body.  All features synonymous with the bulldog! The similarities go further with the behavioural characteristics of the rhino.  Rhinos have the misconception of being aggressive, when they are in fact gentle, timid and get startled easily.  Heavy animals are not normally quick but the rhino, despite its bulky body, is remarkably agile!  Rhinos are reknowned for producing sounds which include panting, grunting, snorts and growls and when their not eating they're usually sleeping. For all of you with experience of bulldogs; I think you'll be able to relate some of those characteristics to those of the bulldog and why it seemed such a fitting name.


The second part represents our endeavour towards quality; 'star quality' bulldogs - the combination of a good looking head, a broad, powerful body that is compact in stature, with a large chest, neat forelegs, larger hindquarters and overall well muscled.  Quality dogs bred to be healthy and elusive of any respiratory problems or defects.


In choosing a Kennel Name/Affix we wanted it to be representative of what our bulldogs are about, what we look for and appreciate in a bulldog and therefore the signature of any bulldogs associated with our kennel.


We consider Rhinostar to be the signature of a perfect bulldog!